SAE BC Student Night

On October 5th, BCIT Racing’s Team Captain, Jeff Meiklejohn, and Engineering Manager, Sanesh Iyer, were invited to present at SAE BC’s annual Student Night. This event is held annually to give SAE Collegiate Design Series competitors in BC an opportunity to network with each other and SAE BC’s board. SAE BC’s board is the body responsible for awarding SAE student team awards in British Columbia.
It was expected that many presentations were going to be largely technical, so Jeff and Sanesh decided to take a different approach, and present mostly about our teams experience in our inaugural 2015 season as well as our plans for our 2016 season. We felt we were successful using this strategy, as it appeared to engage our audience and demonstrate our commitment to the longevity of BCIT Racing.
BCIT Racing would like to thank SAE BC for organizing this student event! The SAE BC Student Night was lots of fun for BCIT Racing’s members who attended, Jeff, Matt, Saf, and Sanesh. We got to meet members of other SAE teams, and discuss technical and non-technical issues – everything from gearbox design through sponsor management – and proved an invaluable learning opportunity. Talking with the SAE BC board was also enlightening, as they offered lots of advice relating to team and project management, as well as financial and information resources.
Video avaliable on request.