Sponsorship Update

Financing a Baja SAE team presents a huge, non-technical, challenge for engineering students. Baja SAE teams are expensive to run, our projected cost this year is over $21,000. Though this number is large, it is distributed over BCIT Racing’s 40 members this year, bringing costs down to approximately $525 per student per year, a very reasonable investment.  Part of this challenge is finding companies willing to support student teams financially.
Abbye, our Media Manager, has been awesome, making BCIT Racing’s brand looking professional very presentable. Sanesh, our Engineering Manager, drafted and sent emails out to potential sponsors last week, and we have already received a few replies!
We would like to thank the following organizations for their sponsorship of BCIT Racing:
  • BCIT Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Fluor Canada
  • NSK Bearings
  • Altech Anodizing
A special thank you to Fluor Canada and NSK Bearings, as both are returning industry sponsors for this season. Your long-term commitment to BCIT Racing is very appreciated.
Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting BCIT Racing, and investing in future engineers and technologists. We look forward to working with all of you on our projects in the coming year as well as well into the future!
If any readers of this post feel they can contribute to BCIT Racing, please email us at BCITRacing@gmail.com, or contact us through our website.
– Sanesh