Bleeding the Brakes

On November 12th, the Brakes Team collaborated with the Pedal Box Team to bleed BCIT Racing’s Baja SAE car’s brakes. The purpose was to check on the condition of the brake fluid inside as requested by the Team Captain, Jeff Meiklejohn.
The automotive technician experience that Alex, from the Pedal Box team, proved invaluable as he led the group in the procedure of bleeding the brakes.
However, midway through the procedure disaster ensued. While pumping the brake pedal the pressure switches exploded! Thankfully, we all were wearing personal protective equipment so no one was injured.
In the picture below, you can see the result of the broken pressure switch. Pressure switches are required to activate the car’s brake light as per SAE rules. In the meantime however, we simply plugged the T-ports with NPT plug fittings to prevent the system being exposed to air and to stop any leaks.

Moving forward, the brakes team will select pressure switches that are capable of handling the pressure generated by the master cylinder.