New Seat Design

This year, BCIT Racing’s Seat Team had the opportunity to design a brand new seat. In the previous year, the seat that was used proved to have some limiting factors, such as weight and size, that were not allowing the car to race at its full potential.

Come November 13, the team came to a conclusion on the type of seat to design, as seen in Figure 1. This design has the potential to improve all the limiting factors and provide a much more efficient ride for next year’s competition. Currently, it is still undergoing some revisions as the team makes small adjustments to the design to verify that it meets all of Baja SAE’s requirements as there were new requirements and revisions to the rulebook this year.


We are planning to make the structural seat components out from carbon fibre or fiberglass in order to reduce the weight that was a major issue in the previous seat.. The red padding as seen in Figure 1, is used to improve the comfort of the driver and will be made out of some sort of closed cell foam that will have properties that remain constant, no matter the conditions and will be relatively wear resistant. The foam padding used in the previous seat was designed for the Temperature controlled interior of a car, after the race it was evident that this could greatly be improved upon.
After the manufacturing process is finished, we will have a lighter, smaller and more functional seat than the car seat used in last year’s race.