V1 Fuel Spill Guard

The new design of the fuel spill guard will eliminate the attachment to the rear member and improve how the fuel drains.

The initial concept was for the fuel spill guard to be manufactured by thermoforming. Recently it was realized that we overlooked the fact that the part is close to the exhaust which would probably melt the thermoformed plastic. This overlook showed us the significance in remembering to look at the big picture when designing a component, instead of just focussing on the part itself.

The new concept, seen below, is made of sheet metal and will cover the engine and exhaust. A cylinder of sheet metal will be welded to the plate, forming the drip pan meeting the requirements specified in the rules. Still in progress is the design of the drip pan to allow all spilt fuel to drain with no pooling and how to attach the spill guard to the fuel tank.