V1 Upgraded Body Panels

One of the main concerns we had with the nose panels during competition was accessibility to the steering and braking systems. Since the panels were fastened to the frame members with nuts and bolts, making adjustments to these systems proved to be tedious and time consuming. In addition, there were a total of nine panels that covered the nose – which meant that the time taken for removal and re-installation would cost us with time we had left in the endurance. In order to solve this issue, the body panel’s team came up with a design which would give the front nose panel quick-release capability and reduce the total number of panel’s from nine to three. The new front panel will be fastened to the frame with cotter pins and hinged to the lower front member with hooks. During removal, it will swivel outward from the bottom as one piece and detach from the member – taking only a matter of seconds. The new nose side panels will replace the six panels used previously and will remain fixed in their positions as all the systems can be accessed from the front with enough clearance. Our next steps are to get in the shop and start work on manufacturing the panels. Stay tuned to see our progress!